be good. live simple. eat well.

Be Good. Live Simple. Eat Well.

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Winter is here!!


We are so excited for our second winter season at the Eatery!

With this time of year comes a new menu filled with your old comfort food favorites to warm your belly and satisfy your grounding needs. We look forward to sharing with you a lot of new specials and ideas we have to move with this season.

Please join us for some old time favorites, delicious seasonal specials, craft beers and kombucha on tap, and delicious cocktails and drinks.  We can't wait to share our passion for "farm to trailer" with you!

Hours: Thursday-Monday

(Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays)


Thursday- Monday

5:00 pm-8:30 pm

Sunday Brunch (Begins Tuesday January 1st, then Sundays thru winter)


Stay connected via Facebook and Instagram for any updates to our schedule and menus!

Be Good. Live Simple. Eat Well.




An outdoor eatery venue creating home-spun, local meals made with heart by Chef Spencer Graves.

OUR food

Simple. Fun. Memorable. Inspiring. Local. Quality. Good. 

These are the words we use to describe our food.  We serve up home-style flavor that is an eclectic mix of old school savor meets modern world taste-buds.  It speaks of our lifestyle in which we desire healthy, quality food that tastes delicious yet is simple and casual and fun to eat.  We love to buy local not only because it supports our farmers and community, but by sourcing our food locally and seasonally, we are creating better tasting and fresher meals where the high quality ingredients speak for themselves.  Our menu will vary and develop with creative inspiration, seasonal tides, local freshness or a client’s visions.  We look forward to offering daily specials to allow for variety in our menu and a creative and unique experience everyday.

We have strung together years of ideas, inspirations, talents, dreams, customs and traditions to bring you our vision to create a community gathering spot where food is the heart of life and living.   We look forward to sharing with you our passions!

Be good. Live simple. Eat well.

OUR scene

Our 1966 Airstream and outdoor venue allows for a casual, fun, funky, and homey feel so you relax and enjoy being at the heart of the amazing Ridgway community.  You can sit and watch the glow of the sunset off the Cimmaron Mountains or catch up with friends passing by.  Or maybe you want a quick, healthy meal on the go- stop in or call and we will happily prepare a meal to take with you on your hike or a picnic basket to enjoy in the park. Whatever draws you to our venue, we hope you enjoy your experience!

Be good. Live simple. Eat well.   




(970) 626-5901



520 Sherman Street
Ridgway, CO 81432





4:00 pm -8:30 pm

Sunday Brunch (starts 1/1)






Beautiful Food in a Beautiful Place

We are located in the heart of Ridgway, Colorado at the base of the majestic San Juan Mountains.
We source our food from sustainable farms around the Western Slope. 



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From simple to elegant, our catering fits any desire.

By showcasing our 1966 airstream, we are a sure fire way to add flare and funk to the community or to a special event. With this attraction, we hope to enable family and friends to gather and begin to create memories, traditions or enjoy a special occasion.  When we sit down and share food, we are building stronger families, stronger friendships, and a stronger community where food is the heart of life and living.  With Eatery 66 Chef Services, we are proud to offer an eclectic and wide range of services for any and all your needs.  Whether it is your special wedding day, a five star private dinner at your home or a fun and funky food truck event, we are excited to make it come to life!

What we offer:

  • Food Truck Event- Our space can provide an awesome party or gathering with views to match the amazing food! (please note we can not move our Airstream due to licensing!)

  • 20-200 Person Catered Events- From a backyard BBQ to an elegant plated wedding, we do it all!

  • Private In-House Chef Services- Five star restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home.

  • Vacation Home Ready- We are happy to load your fridge/freezer full of delicious ready made meals and snacks.

What is consistent throughout:

  • Each menu is personalized and customized to fit you and your guests desires. We work easily with special food restrictions and diets and can create entire menus to best serve you.

  • One on one planning and servicing.

  • Ingredients are sourced locally and always fresh to maintain the highest quality taste and sustainability.

  • Original menus that coordinate with your events' theme and atmosphere.

The possibilities are endless:

  • Rent our Space- For a casual wedding where its all about the gathering, a corporate celebration, a birthday bash, or creative cocktail hour meet and greet, this can be a surefire way to not be forgotten! The menu would be built with your theme: from sliders, to tacos, to fusion, to desserts to apps and bites, all would mark a memorable experience.

  • Catering- With many years experience catering weddings and events there is no territory we haven't done! Whether it is a plated five course meal or station styled event, we will work with your desires to create a gastro feast that is amazing!

  • Private Chef- If you are looking for the fine dining experience in the comfort of your own home, Chef Spencer can easily accommodate your needs. With his long rooted techniques in personalized dining, Chef Spencer is fully equipped to service your and your guests for a remarkable meal and provide you a wonderful way to be pampered.



Eatery 66 is a family restaurant run by a loving husband and wife team.

About Spencer + Katie


Their story and journey begins in the beautiful city of Charleston where Spencer was completing his years at The Culinary Institute of Charleston and Katie at the College of Charleston. After graduation, they moved to the opposite coast to San Diego where Spencer worked at some of the top restaurants in the city including Laurel and The Wine Cellar and Brasserie under Chef Jason Schaeffer.  From San Diego they moved to Telluride, Colorado where he worked at the acclaimed Allred’s, as sous chef of La Marmotte and then helped open The New Sheridan Chop House as Executive Sous Chef.

In the fall 2004, Spencer had the amazing opportunity to work as a stagier at Per Se under three-star Michelin chef Thomas Keller whom he continues to draw inspiration and motivation from in all in his fine and finesse work. 

Oceans called them back and in 2005 they moved to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where they got married and began an even greater chapter of their lives, having three boys and enjoying life on the beach. As Executive chef, Spencer ran and operated the kitchen for 8 years at the top luxury hotel in Costa Rica, Florblanca.  This elite boutique hotel specializes in the serving only the highest quality and freshest local ingredients to their guests to create the most outstanding meals for their stay.  Elabroate 5-10 course chef's tasting menus were a top choice for many which highlighted Spencer's talents and passion for food.  From freshly caught fish, to their own organic garden, the exceptional food was the highlight to their elite guests. 

Katie was the wedding coordinator and designer at Florblanca for multiple weddings from romantic elopements to 100 person elaborate celebrations. Together as a team, with their eye for detail and efforts towards perfection, their clients expectations were always surpassed and beautiful and memorable weddings were created.

In 2012, they bid a beautiful farewell to an amazing experience and moved back to the calling mountains of the San Juan’s and found home in Ridgway. Katie has continued throughout these years her life and love of yoga, and is the current director and owner at the Ridgway Yoga Shala. 

Upon returning to the area, Spencer helped open and has been the Executive Chef of another locals favorite, The Angler Inn in nearby Placerville.  There he built many relationships with local farmers and ran a booth at The Telluride Farmers Market in the summer of 2014.  In addition Spencer and his staff maintained their own greenhouse at the restaurant where they produced as much as possible for the menu.

Their partnership thrives off of adventure, experiences, life and love of family. Their food speaks of their memories, those that have been created by others in the past and those they wish to create for their children and others in the future. Food has always been a deep rooted connection they share and this adventure has been a long awaited dream.  Their balance between healthy and comfort food aims to provide a beautiful experience for the local community and beyond.



(970) 626-5901



520 Sherman Street
Ridgway, CO 81432



Winter Hours


4:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Sunday Brunch (starts 1/1)


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