our food

Simple. Fun. Memorable. Inspiring. Local. Quality. Good. 

At Eatery 66 we serve up food with a home-style flavor that is an eclectic mix of old school savor meets modern world taste buds.  Our food speaks to our lifestyle in which we desire healthy, quality food that tastes delicious and is simple, casual and fun to eat.  We are proud to offer locally sourced products and artisanal crafted food and drinks. We love to buy local not only because it supports our farmers and community but by sourcing our food locally and seasonally, we are creating better tasting and fresher meals where the high quality ingredients speak for themselves. 

When we sit down and share food we are building stronger families, stronger friendships and stronger communities where food is the heart of life and living.  Come and join us at Eatery 66 and share with us our unique and wonderful community inspired venue.


open 11:00 am to 8:30 pm - Thursday to Monday 
closed Tuesday and Wednesday

No need for reservations, just come in and take a seat!  For TO GO orders, please call (970) 626-5901.