An outdoor eatery venue creating home-spun, local meals made with heart by Chef Spencer Graves.

OUR Mission

Using a 1966 converted Airstream, we aim to provide the town of Ridgway and all its guests with simple, healthy and delicious meals in a unique and inspiring outdoor venue. Products and menus will be sourced as locally as possible and will change with creative inspiration, seasonal tides and customer desire.  We look forward to sharing with as many as possible our passion for a healthy, organic and sustainable lifestyle where food is the center of a community or happening.

OUR philosophy

After many years working around the country and globe in restaurants and beyond, our passion to nourish others with soulful food has never ceased. Eatery 66 is a chef inspired and owner-operated business whose desire is to create a dynamic, unique and community gathering spot and catering venue.  We have strung together years of ideas, inspirations, talents, dreams, customs and traditions to bring you our vision.

Our philosophy on food is simple is best. Fewer high quality ingredients create delicious meals where each bite is a mouthful of tasty heaven! We aim to provide a casual atmosphere that is welcoming and relaxing, almost like stepping into your own backyard.  Whereas other food trucks specialize in one cuisine, we are proud to offer a variety of fare that will develop with the chef’s desires, seasonal food, or client’s visions. 

By showcasing our 1966 airstream, we are a sure fire way to add flare and funk to the community or to a special event. With this attraction, we hope to enable family and friends to gather and begin to create memories, traditions or enjoy a special occasion.  When we sit down and share food, we are building stronger families, stronger friendships, and a stronger community. 

Food is the heart of life and living. We believe that nourishing our bodies and souls with high quality, locally and organically sourced food will provide us with optimal health and in turn, quality living.  It is our responsibility as a citizen of this area and a human on this planet to think of food consciously. Sourcing food locally, without the use of heavy chemicals is both a local and global effort we hope share with others. 



(970) 555-1234



566 Sherman Street
Ridgway, CO 81432




Wed-Mon: 11am-9pm

Tuesday: Closed