Our Roots

Their story and journey begins in the beautiful city of Charleston where Spencer was completing his years at The Culinary Institute of Charleston and Katie at the College of Charleston. After graduation, they moved to the opposite coast to San Diego where Spencer worked at some of the top restaurants in the city including Laurel and The Wine Cellar and Brasserie under Chef Jason Schaeffer.  From San Diego they moved to Telluride, Colorado where he worked at the acclaimed Allred’s, as sous chef of La Marmotte and then helped open The New Sheridan Chop House as Executive Sous Chef.

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Winter is here!

We are so excited for our second winter season at the Eatery! With this time of year comes a new menu filled with your old comfort food favorites to warm your belly and satisfy your grounding needs. We look forward to sharing with you a lot of new specials and ideas we have to move with this season.

Please join us for some old time favorites, delicious seasonal specials, craft beers and kombucha on tap, and delicious cocktails and drinks.  We can't wait to share our passion for "farm to trailer" with you!